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School, our great saviour....

On this the 5th day of my family's Covid-19 house confinement, it has become imminently clear that schools will play a pivotal roll during this crisis.

As hundreds of millions of children are being sent home indefinitely, parents and children are facing the unenviable task of being confined together for an extended period. The reality of what a total "lock down" implies is slowly sinking in and looking forward the stress on the family unit will surely be significant. One of the few constants in all of this mayhem has been that school lessons are continuing online.

I am in awe. Something is happening before our eyes at a scale never seen before, and while the phenomenon is global its implementation is very much local. It depends on teachers and administrators that you know, who have had the foresight to plan ahead. By acting quickly, they have gifted us a sense of normalcy during our confinement. Their gift is our routine and likely our sanity.

So often taken for granted, the rhythm afforded by school brings a calmness and sense of purpose to our children in a time when all else seems dark. The darkness is of course real and it is likely good for children to understand what we are going through, but it can not be all consuming. Schools provide this much needed distraction as well as the necessary social connectivity.

The speed at which schools adjusted to this crisis is truly remarkable. This of course is down to great teachers and administrators to whom we must be eternally grateful. Remember this when the crisis is over, we owe them a great debt of gratitude.

Technology has also delivered on its promises and for that I am proud of the tech industry. Innovation, speed and gratuity have put tools in the hands of hundreds of million of students who can go about their daily lives without excessive interruption. Of course the format has changed, but the goal of learning has not. None of this would have been possible 10 years ago.

Bravo to schools worldwide, their teachers and administrators. You are my first Covid-19 Champion. This post is part of my Covid-19 Champions series.


A few days ago, I decided to write a series of post dedicated to the Covid-19 Champions. My logic explained here:

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