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Covid-19 Champions....

It would be easy to spend the next few months lamenting the Covid-19 crisis. It is of course grave and has no doubt been exacerbated by denial as well as by slow political leadership. That it will have significant health and economic fall-out is a certainty. That citizens will be confused, concerned and anxious is undeniable. Yet, even with this abundance of material to comment, I have decided to leave criticism to others.

For my part, I want to find the light in the darkness. I want to highlight the good and focus my attention on the positive things. I am going to write a series of pieces on the Covid-19 Champions: people, groups, and organisations that made or are making a difference. I believe that in adversity, we will see amazing things. People will come together, nations will help each other and leadership of all kinds will come to the surface. These are stories worth telling.

My first piece will about schools. For the first time in history, schools in Europe and the US are closing for an extended period and families and children are living the strange new reality of being stuck at home together. Yet thanks to great tech products, and dedicated teachers, lessons are continuing online. This could be the single most important thing to happen in this crisis as it brings a sense of normalcy and purpose to millions of people in an otherwise empty and anxious time.

The second piece will most likely be about a politician. One that has impressed me in how he has handled the situation in his country and how he has distinguished himself from his peers around the world. He has led one of the most successful Covid-19 containment efforts in Singapore and his communications along the way has played a key role in avoiding panic and reassuring the citizens that the state will protect them. Having been in Singapore recently, the peace of mind brought by this man is astounding.

I look forward to presenting you my Covid-19 Champions.

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