CEO of Mangrove Capital Partners‭ ‬&‭ ‬Chairman Of Wix



I grew up in Africa and Egypt, went to university in the US and have lived in Europe for 25 years.   I enjoy football, food and wine, in no particular order.

Professionally, my successes include being the first investor in Skype, which was sold in 2005 to eBay for $3 billion and Wix, currently trading on the NASDAQ at around $6 billion.  My firm has invested in over 125 companies and counts among its biggest successes Skype, Wix and Brands4Friends as well as Walkme, Storeking, Freedompop, MetroCab, K Health, Happify, JobToday, Redpoints, Badi and Lightico.


I am interested in weird ideas. In fact, the weirder, the better. I engage with entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the norm and change the world and was named to the Forbes Midas on several occasions as one of the top 100 global deal makers in technology.  I have also been named as one of the 100 most influential people in Luxembourg, my adopted country.


I am an outspoken commentator of the tech industry.   In April 2015 I called most Unicorns “fakies” suggesting that valuations had gotten ahead of themselves and that most Unicorns would not make it.  In April 2016, I turned my attention against the Fintech space suggesting that were in a midst of a “Fintech Mirage”and that my skepticism was at an all time high.


I have appeared on BloombergTV and CNBC, been quoted in Forbes, the WallStreet Journal and Globes and published in the Financial Times.

Tweet Me: @marktluszcz