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A glimpse of the future......

I have glimpsed the future......

I had the pleasure of hearing Juan Enriquez talk in Paris a few months ago about the evolution of the human race. I came away from his speech mesmerised, feeling that he had given me a true vision of what the future holds for us, and I was excited. The speech as it turned out was just the tip of the iceberg, his book would blow me away.....

Juan is the co-author of Evolving Ourselves, a book he wrote with Steve Gullans and simply put: it is a masterpiece. It is complex, yet simple and clear, all the while providing the reader with a view of what gene manipulation has in store for the human race.

The authors are leading voices of the impacts of life sciences on humanity and make a very strong case suggesting that we are entering the next great phase of life on earth, one where humans will manipulate DNA, and become proficient at re-coding the human genome.

The book is optimistic and encourages thought and discussion. It suggests profound change is in the works, that we are likely to live past 120 years of age and that we are more likely to die of an accident than disease in the not to distant future. This in itself will raises a number of moral dilemmas that we will all need to understand. The authors go a long way in preparing the reader for this challenge.

I also consider it the beginning of a roadmap for entrepreneurs who will be building the companies of the future. We are on the verge of another great revolution, one where humans will go beyond their natural limits and companies will need to morph to serve this new reality.

The future is an enigma we all yearn to understand. So when someone offers you the opportunity to see it, jump on it. This book does exactly that, it is an eye opener not to be missed.....

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