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Passion: the energy drink of start-ups

The World Cup is a magical event. Every four years it comes around and stirs patriotism, excitement and passion on a scale that is unmatched. FIFA, the governing body of football, expects the event will reach more than 3.5 billion people. That is almost twice the size of the entire Internet population.

Having watched many of the games, and spent countless hours reading game summaries, what stands out most is the passion of the fans. They are connected to their teams in an almost mystical way, believing that at the World Cup all is possible. Odds mean nothing, hope and self-belief everything. During the World Cup, they eat, breath and live for their teams.

Sound familiar?

If you are going to start a company it should. Our experience with more than 100 entrepreneurs is that you will need the same level of passion to achieve greatness. It is the single most important characteristics we look for and track when partnering with entrepreneurs. Of course there are many other important considerations, but one thing is sure: with passion you can achieve greatness, without it you will never amount to much.

* This post was first published on LinkedIn

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